Why the name, Forgiveness?

Forgiveness is a practice that affects both body and mind. When we are angry or holding grudges, we keep a low level of stress hormones continually running through our bodies. These stress hormones keep us always primed for fighting or running. Eventually, stress becomes chronic, causing great debilitating pain.

Forgiveness can help you stop the pain, emotionally, spiritually and physically. By following a consistent forgiveness practice, we live a life free of aches and pains. We can release, let go, and flow with life.

Forgiveness is like the key to a cage door.
Once we use it, we are free.

Elizabeth, Humble Leaf Founder, is a COVID-19 survivor. In March 2020, like over a million others in the United States, she contracted COVID-19. To ease the debilitating pain, she used Forgiveness Trauma Cream, steaming multiple times a day to help with severe chest pain and open her lungs while lathering Forgiveness on her legs to alleviate the shooting pains.

Elizabeth’s Story of Forgiveness