“When you’ve played soccer for so long, all your bruises and bumps come back to you as you get older. It happens to all of us athletes” Desmond Smith was an international soccer star for his home country of Jamaica. He has been a primary supporter of Humble Leaf since he tried it and found it really helps him. “My knee was really hurting, and I was limping and everything when I put it all over and then a heating pad. Then, the next day, the pain just wasn’t there. So it’s been helping a lot with my pain everywhere.” — Desmond Smith

I love using Forgiveness! Forgiveness is helping me with my pain and my body aches. I use it on my head too, and I put it right on my forehead. And my Grandkids use it too. They get ant bites, and they will be crying. It’s good for any bites because the pain goes away right away. And also, it’s really been helping with the kid’s leg pains- helping so much for that, good for leg aches that the kids get. And also, my friends and relatives are using it because it does help with the pain, so I give it to them as gifts. They are always asking for more; actually, I hope I can get more Forgiveness for all of us.
— Mary, Second Mesa, Arizona

I am just letting you know I have been using your Forgiveness Trauma Balm on my neck every day, and I am so happy to report that my pain is gone. Thank you, Humble Leaf! — Asha, Studio City

I use it in treatments as a massage therapist. I use it for myself. And I love it, and my clients love it, sending it to my family, they love it.  And it’s because it works. Simple as that.
— Marcus, Riverside, California

Humble Leaf Trauma Relief Cream Gets 10 out of 10!
“I’m always looking for new miracle creams, rubs and oils for owies and strains, and luckily I purchased a tin of Trauma Relief Cream right before I was gonna need it. I don’t know what elfin magic they’re putting in those tins, but wow. I really strained and threw out one hip during an ice storm, was basically hobbling, crippled in pain, would wake up and could barely flex my pelvis/hips thinking, well, this isn’t a great way to start the day! I can’t even move to get out of bed!

I have a certain oil I’ve used for years as my go-to heat em up rub, but it wasn’t touching this pain and releasing my stiffness which was pretty bad on the ‘how bad is it?’ scale. I applied before bed and was amazed that I woke up with NO PAIN. Sure, there was some stiffness at the edges during the day, but the PAIN was gone. I then used this over a whole week, night and day, and it has worked amazingly to where my entire hip area just released.

It’s more like a thick ointment or butter but without the grease and goo. A slight aroma of something ‘peppery’ but only noticeable if you stick your nose right into it. I was applying too much before I figured out this is super concentrated. My friend has a bad back and even has broken blood vessels showing right over the lower back/spine from decades of heavy work. They’re pretty much in constant pain. I told them, “lift shirt and drop trou,” and buttered them up with this stuff. Within an hour, they were exclaiming their pain was gone and moving freely! THAT is incredible.

My main points are: It’s a fabulous healing cream that works, super-concentrated, very clean organic ingredients – you see and feel the quality. Very impressed. Def 10 stars out of 10.”
— Farin, Oregon

I tried everything on my leg, but then I used Forgiveness. All that swelling went away. My veins were popping too, and my veins went away. My knee was locking, and I tried it and put it behind my knee! Now in the evenings, I turn on my video to do Zumba, and I can go down on the ground and follow the video. I don’t hard time getting up anymore.  I use it for the kids when they have a headache; they don’t have to use any medication; I put it right on their head, saying they are all better. I use it too on my neck. I use it a lot because it works! — Awa, Jaunita, Second Mesa, Arizona

I’ve been using the Forgiveness Humble Leaf cream for my migraines. I apply it to my temples and the back of my neck. It helps me to relieve tension, and the pain goes away and reduces it. I also use it for cramps; It helps with the pain too. It’s really great, and I love the smell too. I am so glad I purchased it. It is a great price and has been priceless in helping with my pain. – Alicia, Westwood, Los Angeles

The forgiveness cream has a very thick texture that feels great on my skin. I like the way it rubs in. I use it after I run. I love running, and the forgiveness is so good for my legs, relaxing them. Also, after a long day after work, I like using it because I’m always on my feet at Amazon. I definetly recommend this. – Sinan, Mar Vista, Los Angeles